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Niertransplantatie is de referentiebehandeling voor patiënten met terminaal nierfalen. Robotgeassisteerde niertransplantatie werd ontwikkeld om de morbiditeit als gevolg van een laparotomie te verminderen. De techniek wordt al in meerdere Europese centra toegepast.

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Real-world treatment adherence and strict inclusion criteria used during RCTs can lead to several patient groups being underrepresented. Therefore, real-world data on DTG-based 2DRs are highly needed to be able to evaluate virologic and safety outcomes in these underrepresented patient groups.In this webinar, Dr. Nasreddine highlighted the outcomes of the BREACH DTG-based 2DR cohort, a retrospective, observational, multicenter study (n=10).Subsequently Prof. De Wit, Chair of the Belgian HIV Research Consortium BREACH, gave his clinical implications of these cohort data.Finally, Dr. De Scheerder provided a comprehensive overview of the real-world DTG/3TC data that are currently available beyond Belgium.

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